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  • WAE SSB 2019

    The next entry from the SO4M was WAE DX SSB. Operator: Tom SP5UAF. The station needed some maintenance as the 80 meters antenna was tuned to CW/RTTY part of the band. It required some work to add elements and switching for SSB segments. The work was done thanks to Mirek SP4MPG who (as the host) knows every aspect of the… Continue reading "WAE SSB 2019"

  • IARU HF 2019

    The next start from SO4M was the IARU HF World Championship 2019. This time again it was a Single Operator effort. All Band, High Power, Unlimitted. Operator: SP5UAF (Tom). And again it was the attempt to operate SO2R style. Unfortunately (in spite of some changes in the computer) there were still problems with the MicroHAM u2R switch. Very often (too… Continue reading "IARU HF 2019"

  • CQ WW DX CW 2018. Results

    The CQ WW DX Contest Committee published the final results of the CW part of the CQ WW DX Contest 2018. Our SO4M Team participated in Multi-Single HP. Our final score is 7,228,440 points. This placed us on the 2nd place in Poland right after the SN8B Team (7,314,624 points). Congratulations to our friends from SN8B. Our score placed us… Continue reading "CQ WW DX CW 2018. Results"

  • Russian DX Contest 2019

    Single Operator All Band Mixed High Power. Operating in a SO2R style. Operator: SP5UAF. Propagation factors were not too good but the activity was nice. There are always many stations from Russia – good signals and good operators. There was very nice opening to Europe on 15 meters on Sunday. The bad thing is that the beverage stopped to work… Continue reading "Russian DX Contest 2019"

  • ARRL DX CW Contest 2019

    This time it was a Single Operator effort. Category: Single Operator All Band HP Unlimited. Operator: Tom SP5UAF. Operating in SO2R style. The claimed score is as follows:

  • CQ WW DX CW 2018. Final Score

    The CQ WW DX CW 2018 is over. We again had a great fun and we spent time in good company. The operators were: F5SDD, SP4G, SP4MPG, SP5OXJ, SP5UAF, SQ4NR and SQ6MS. The final claimed score is as follows:

  • IARU HF 2018. SN0HQ

    This year we were a part of the SN0HQ HQ Team in the IARU HF World Championship. As usual we had a great fun and time. We were operating on 40 meters, CW.  The operators were: Mirek SP4MPG, Roman SP4JCP, Grzegorz SQ4NR, Jacek SP5OXJ and Tomek SP5UAF.

  • CQ WW DX CW 2017. The End

    The final raw score is 7.654.140 points (QSOs: 5103; Zones: 159; Cty: 621; Pts: 9813). Below the details by bands (right from the log):